Return of the Light


To see and experience the Light
I must be courageous enough
to not shy away from looking at
the dark forces within and around me.
The shadows in our world
have become incipient companions
to the fears, we have accepted as normal,
and even inevitable.
To deal with this we have allowed
distraction, superficial pleasure
and self-indulgence to become
our contorted sense of comfort
as it metastasizes into a festering wound
of indifference, abandonment, and self-destruction.
It is hard to speak of such things
because deep in our souls
we are profoundly caring, creative,
and loving people.
It is in our soulful divine nature
to see and nurture goodness,
And we don’t want to believe that we
can be as brutal as our history
clearly demonstrates.
To be the loving Lights that we truly are
we need to look things squarely in the face.
We need to face the horrors
we have tolerated and perpetuated.
I cannot change what I am
unwilling to see.
It is the sad scene of a crime
being committed while we walk by,
as we become complicit in it
through our indifference and avoidance.
However, we can no longer avoid
what is being shown to us now,
we can no longer be passive bystanders
to the corruption of this world,
and to the blackening of our souls.
Each of us as individuals can be a Light
to the shadowy back alleys
we have been afraid to face,
if only for the promise awaiting us
on the other side of our fear and hesitation,
a promise that shows us our strength,
our dauntless devotion to love and our
magnetic visions of joy and beauteous creativity.
To go through this phoenix fire
we must look with eyes wide open,
a penetrating unswerving gaze
into all that has been and is yet to come
as we face our shadows,
and usher in the kind of world and life
we have longed for, for so long,
and are now ready to make it a reality.
But we must ask for it, we must demand it,
for we are made of nothing less than greatness.
Our children are looking on with eager anticipation,
that they can be proud of what we stood for
and worked tirelessly to leave behind for them…
The intrepid return of the Light.
-Tru Starhorse Nov. 30th, ‘22
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay