SIMPLE THINGS  (Series #1)

SIMPLE THINGS  (Series #1)

Big things fall away

like lofty escarpments

slowly dissolved into grains of sand

from the patience of time

through wind and rain

But it is the almost forgotten moments

when I lay upon the soft

and crested grass

of Gaia’s breast

and dreamt of what was

    beyond the clouds

and the singing light of stars

That I felt myself in flight

with the angels

amidst a celestial sphere

held and kissed by wonder

as the wind tossed my hair

and stroked my face

while waves of choral blades of grass

shaped my thoughts into multicoloured brush strokes

of imagination

and pastoral portraits of fantasy

It was such a brief moment in time

a simple moment

carrying infinities promise

of adventure, freedom, and beauty

suspending me forever within an eternal moment

of loving simplicity.

-TruGuy Stefan Jan. 22,2024