Nature Speaks

After a day spent in Nature 🍂🍃🍁🌹
-Nature Speaks-
“The clarion call of nature
Pulsates the elements
That makes me up.
Deep and transparent greens
Shimmer behind the yellows of Autumn,
Opaque shades of water art
Amidst the crystal cool sundrops,
Dancing reflections of an aqua-blue sky,
Crisp clapping leaves fall to the ground,
And crunch beneath my feet,
The spider web configurations of trees fallen,
Among the swell of sturdy tall ones
Lifting their limbs as if in praise to heaven.
The ochre smells of decay filled the air,
The pollock brush stroked hills
Greet my eyes with a child’s wonder
And spur a bouquet of yesterdays.
Nature is holy,
The mountains are an altar,
As I embrace this beautiful broken world once again
With an open heart.”
TruGuy Stefan Starhorse
Sept. 28th, 2022