An Invitation

What inspires you?
What lifts you above the weight of this world?
What makes your spirit soar upon wings of joy?
What calls forth a smile when you least expect it?
What discoveries have you made that transport you beyond the familiar?
What simplicities have filled you with gratitude?
When last have you looked in the mirror and smiled lovingly at yourself?
What act of kindness inspired your faith in humanity?
When has beauty moved you to express beauty?
What makes you want to sing even after the music has stopped?
What brings the child out in you?
Can you be an inspiration to yourself? What would it take?
What act of kindness could you do for yourself every day?
Please share an answer to any of these questions so we can all be an inspiration to each other!
We are each, in this life, a one-time miracle, manifesting over and over, with the opportunities each moment gives us.
Please share some of your moments with me…us!
I’ll just sit here and gratefully come a little closer to each one.
Even your struggles and pain carry gifts waiting to be released.
We can all love each other as we are and for who we are becoming. The best is yet to come.
Please, don’t hold back.
The door is open and the table is set.
Let’s feast together and be thankful.