Our consciousness is currently experiencing
an unprecedented bombardment,
tearing at the very fabric
of how we have hitherto
identified ourselves to be.
What we have historically accepted and identified
as normal and familiar
no longer provides us with any clear guidance,
as to how to reclaim our sanity and soul essence,
Since so much of what we have trusted
to be the truth about society,
governance, education, and so much more,
looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.
The holes can’t be simply filled in,
with clever innuendos, excuses, and indifference,
It must be discarded,
because the foundations have been corrupted,
And this corruption
has been going on for many centuries.
We have been ingeniously seduced
into passive acceptance
through ongoing viruses of Fear.
Fear cripples the mind
and exacerbates our emotional center.
It is a strategic form of torture
which reduces us into obedient automatons.
Despite how traumatizing, painful, and confusing
Everything we are going through is, it is a gift.
Due to our forgetfulness,
It is a hard-won gift because of our resistance to seeing,
Through the maze of so much self-deception,
which has been entrained into us,
as well as by our complicit involvement
in perpetuating it.
We are the chaos and suffering we see,
And, we are the light and love we need
to transform and transpose the tragedies
of our human story
into an idyllic realm of Elysian beauty.
This is a time when full disclosure
is so needed to shock us out of the mundanity
of the repetitiveness of being asleep to our
true empyrean nature and illustriousness.
Waking up can be a harsh fire
but it flickers into the sacred heart
of fire burning within each one of us.
We have always carried the flame of joy
and playfulness within us,
just as our children so beautifully
and chaotically demonstrate.
It is not our nature
to be so compulsively ordered and controlled.
We are meant to dance in the playground of life.
We can reclaim what has never been lost.
We have only been lost to our forgetfulness.
Our liberation lies buried deep beneath the conventions
of politically controlled definitions
of social acceptability.
We are so much greater than that.
Shed the shackles of shame
and thinking you are not good enough.
We are all divinely and lovingly endowed.
All that we are going through right now
is our spiritual rite of passage.
It is a death and rebirth,
which can only be experienced
Through the free will
of an awakened mind and open heart.
Choose wisely and compassionately.
Love thyself.
Such love will show us our way
back into the arms of a harmonious
and loving humanity.
Sincerely, from the heart,
-TruGuy Starhorse Windwalker
September 4th, 2023

(Image by 💌🌸🌷Marion 🌷🌸💌 Wellmann from Pixabay)