I am learning
that to co-create with the Creator
I must surrender…
I must surrender to a Higher Will,
But this higher will is both within and without
since I Am All That Is within and without.
And what is Higher Will?
It is that which is the Source of all creation,
That which is Love.
So, to co-create with the Creator
I must fall in love
with that which inspires me to be creative,
whether it be to cook a meal, play an instrument,
read a book, paint a picture,
artfully ride a bike, write a poem,
sing a song, help a stranger,
clean a house, fix a piece of machinery,
tell a story, build a loving community,
heal the body, travel the world,
participate in a sacred ceremony,
growing a garden, loving your partner…
And the list goes on,
For there is no limit to what
draws creation to spill forth from us,
And it is what we Love
that calls us to be co-creators.
We are “Co” Creators
because it is Love that is infused
into everything,
Love brings the balance of reciprocity
and interactive cooperation.
When I surrender to love’s guidance
I am asking for the highest good to manifest.
I string my bow of intention,
Pull the arrow from my quiver
and aim for that which I love.
From such surrender I birth
Shangri-la in my heart,
a conscious realm of beauteous communal creativity.
It is this that has always been
The Song of Our Higher Will.
And it is this that unites us all
into ONE act of co-creation
So earnestly and joyously calling to us now.
-TruGuy Starhorse Windwalker
August 31st, 2023
(Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay)