Remember those times

When you were reading

A paragraph in a book

And when you finished the paragraph

You couldn’t remember anything

Of what you just read

You realized as you were reading

You were paying more attention

To another story going on in your head

Which of these two activities

Would you call reality?

We have all had the experience

Of driving to a destination

But can’t remember how we got there.

Think of how

What you once believed to be true

Became something completely different.

Which do you believe to be true?

What if Truth is something

That never changes

And everything else we say is true

Is merely a highway

To something beyond

The scenery we are observing

Along the way.

And is the scenery a dream

That we create?

As real as it may seem

Depending on how attached we are

To any particular version

Of the story being played out

Are they not the passing images

Speeding by us

As we look out the window

Of the train of life

Which become a collection

Of blurred memories?

What scenes and stories

Remain not only true for us

But feel like links

In a chain of heart-felt moments

Proclaiming what we would say

Is unchangeable?

When you love

And experience being loved

Do the stories matter?

Dream-reality is altering itself continuously

The incomparable state

Of Heavenly Love

Can only be known and experienced

Outside of the dreams

That make up the infinite number

Of alternate realities we invent.

What to do?

Empower the Observer Self

Capable of witnessing

Without attachment of any kind

And begin writing a story of Love.

-Tru Starhorse

Feb. 27, 2024

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay