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Surrender to Love - Coming Soon!

When, with love, I wholly surrender to each moment as it passes I discover a great richness in living those moments. This little book is such a moment for me. It is deeply personal and universal at the same time. It is my surrender to the many faces of love. It is my compassionate act of self-forgiveness beyond the need for it, since love is all I have ever been. It is an expression of my journey to the joy and liberation of coming home; my humble, yet proud, acceptance of who I am and how I am also an intimate part of the story you are as well, for we are all ONE.

It is my endearing wish and hope that you will discover what you have forgotten about who you are and what you have always known deeply in your cells. It is an expression of Self-Remembrance.

Each song (from my album) that titles each chapter in this book are the passing moments of what I have felt and discovered from my own self-remembrance, which is ongoing. Every chapter is the search for what brings meaning and liberation to my contemplations and proclamations about surrendering to love. Writing this book has shown me that true creativity (and living) is an act of surrender and a deep trust in what is flowing through me in any given moment and simply going with it.

I have added questions after each chapter if you wish to explore further by journaling or simply reflecting on your responses to each question. There are many more questions that could have been asked and may your reflections lead you to such discoveries.

To surrender to love is the ultimate act of surrendering control. Through such vulnerability I discover my true power and place in the world. It is the great and alluring mystery of how your heart has brought you to this very moment where you find yourself reading these words.