Change is all around us

Everything is in constant movement

Rest does not come

from trying to stop movement

Rest comes from choosing

a direction that brings rest.

I cannot stop a current

but I can redirect its course.

Freedom requires constant adjustment.

A gale wind can rip my sail

if I fight its full force head on

But if I change my position

so it can become my ally

I can then steer my course

with ease and flow.

Life is ephemeral.

The odd flight path of a butterfly

almost humorously demonstrates this.

She darts about frenetically,

never charting her course directly

Her movement is like a serendipitous dance,

a carefree exploration

of what will be her next landing place.

The light almost transparent composition

of her wings

demands her constant adjustment

to forces far greater than hers.

When we are not weighted down

by trying to control change

and the unexpected,

our life experiences

become like a ballet

We float and glide

trusting that synchronicity will catch us.

Any rigid attachment to an outcome

becomes our nemesis.

At the end of the day

we can look back and ask ourselves,

Was my investment in undo struggle

worth it?

Some things are worth fighting for,

but we have to know when its time

to let go of the fight

to allow Grace to do her thing,

just like a butterfly.

Like a friend shared with me yesterday,

Its all about perspective.

Put things into perspective

and your whole world changes.

-TruGuy Starhorse

Jan. 31st, 2024

(Image by LeopicturesfromPixabay)