I spent time with the Tall Ones today

Wisdom elders

Rising gracefully to the celestial

Grounded deep

Into the neural pathways of the earth

Mirrors of human ganglia

Synapsing ancient fibres of Truth

Rivers of ethereal communication

Silent voices singing beneath my feet

A profound fragrance of ancient history

and ceremony surrounds me

I have to stop every few feet

Arms open wide

to breathe it in

The grounded strength of steadfastness

The liquid pathways of rising nourishment

The tender tips of folia

Formations of the cerebellum

Fractal symmetry

The chaotic order of crystal growth

Galaxies of sacred geometry

as in the human spine

and the patterns of a leaf

The micro and the macro dance

mirrored upon the still water

The praising joy of bird-song

I stop again to drink it all in

To submit to the teachings of the trees

To the great evolution of heliocentricity

and that of the human heart

I walk on, experiencing the taste buds

of something deep and mysterious

Something I can often forget

but discover again

In moments such as these.

-TruGuy Stefan

Jan. 26,2024