SOAR -August 2022

The music sings in me…
Takes me to places beyond Terra,
Widens the gates of worldly confinement,
And penetrates the surface of all matter,
Voices ecstatic, gift the silence of soil,
As rivers course through like arteries,
Weaving through unknown charters,
Trees bow and bend to the wisdom,
Held and released as a wind song,
For the ears awakening to its presence,
Timeless, Eternal, Abundant,
Forgiving but not indulgent,
Gracious but not wonton,
Such wonders abound,
Upon every simple field of knowing,
Upon every grateful and resilient heart,
Discovered with every act of kindness,
Given and received and given again,
As one sweet act of reciprocity,
I lean toward a child
as he stares like an arrow
into my eyes
while we both lick the ice cream
I am holding,
Smiling through our ice cream mustaches,
My heart soars with a joy
beyond anything, I can say.
An elderly woman gliding along
in her electric transport
with her small Ewok-looking little dog,
receiving every pat with a grateful tongue lick,
Meeting friends long unseen,
Held so dearly to the chest,
A sea of blue canopies above,
As the sun kisses the ground,
And all manner of life rises
To drink in Father Sun.
Have you stopped today…
Have you paused to take it in?
Can you feel the still presence of Grace?
Do you hear the unfurling of your loving wings,
Eagerly wanting to leap into the flight,
Forever dipping and diving
Into everything that brings you to life,
Where every moment becomes precious,
In allowing you to SOAR!!
-Tru Starhorse August 15th, 2022
(Images from Pixabay; Composite by Tru)