Nature’s Soliloquy-June 11th, 2022

“A good story
Is that which makes you take pause,
Everything drops away,
Even your own story
Suspending its’ own compulsive repetition,
As I am all ears, heart, and mind
At the center of this movement within stillness,
Listening, hearing, feeling,
Captured by Nature’s soliloquy
Of universal meaning,
Enthralled by the magnetic pull
Of my “I” becoming a “we”
As the stories unfold,
And the arc of a great circle
Brings it all to a common center,
So the opposites being played out may converge
Upon that which connects us all,
And we are free once again
To swim in the ocean schools
Of the dreams we all share,
As each we are,
The drops and the ocean
Composing the greatest story of all
Wrapped within the binding
Of a consummate love.
Such is the dream
That courses through me today.”
Great Nature is our greatest teacher. The balance, beauty, and insights as to how we can be in harmony with ourselves and each other are being shown by the great inter-dependence and flow of birds in flight, Seasons’ cycles, the daily activities of bees, ants, animal herds, migrations, natural habitats, food foraging and so much more. To hear this grand symphony I must become intimate with the details of life; its movement and stillness. It is all reflecting back to me who I am and how I can participate and contribute to the evolution of all that is. Rise each day with the sun and feel the heartbeat of Mother Gaia before you step into the fray of human activity.
(Image by Torsten Kolle from Pixabay)