I am laughing more now
than I ever have.
Bubbles of levity are rising
to the surface of all drama.
Seriousness is an investment
of the mind,
An attachment to figuring life out.
What if there is nothing to figure out?
What if the solutions I seek out
are born of the problems I create?
All confusion arises
from the constructs, we have created.
When I surrender effortlessly
to simply what is,
a smile stares back at me,
from a pool of equanimity
Creation is composed of Love.
Love does not fight with itself.
It rests within a state of equilibrium,
and poised in reassurance.
One who struggles
with the thought of drowning
find themselves going under.
Letting go of the struggle
brings the shore into view
as I float upon the surface
and let the waves carry me in.
The voices of heaven
are laughing tenderly
and compassionately
at the foibles of my Achilles heel,
at my steadfast attachment to limitation,
when all abundance and grace
surrounds me,
waiting for me to say yes
to the many gifts of life
that has never been denied
or held back.
I am laughing more now than ever,
at how many times I have made “Yes”
into a problem, I have to figure out.
Just say YES,
and let Love show you the way.
Because it will!
-TruGuy Starhorse May 7th, 2023
(Image by Val Raw from Pixabay)