Author: Tru Guy


Timeless Flow

-TIMELESS FLOW- To Live in the now is to live in the natural order of how life unfolds harmoniously and in balance. Time is a


The Art of Not Knowing -11.12.22

-THE ART OF NOT KNOWING- Ideas are eternally existing patterns of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies. They fall like rain, woven by intention and spun


Winter Solstice House Concert

This is a promotional message from my friend Sandy Mulroy. We have so many incredible local artists. And a friend dear to my heart has


Awakening -Dec. 7th, ’22

-AWAKENING- How the sun this morning kisses the silvery white glow of birch and the emerald green of Fir and Pine. How streams of sunlight


The Winding Way

-THE WINDING WAY- So often in my life, I have thought In order to be successful and fulfilled I must travel in a straight line,


Return of the Light

-RETURN OF THE LIGHT- To see and experience the Light I must be courageous enough to not shy away from looking at the dark forces


The Golden Tide

-THE GOLDEN TIDE- It has been said, and we have come to believe, that we require some measure of pain in order to appreciate joy.


Oh Thine Of My Heart

-THINE OF MY HEART- Speak to me, Oh Thine, of my heart. Sing to me the sacred song of my soul. I am yours I